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From simply cutting your lawn to beautifying the whole yard, Sunny Day Yard Services can help you with your landscape maintenance. We take great pride in our work to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our work and your yard. We provide lawn care and landscaping in Seekonk and the surrounding areas.  Call us or send us an email, and we would be happy to help you with whatever you need.

Our services

  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance – Lawn mowed, trimmed and driveway, walkways, and patios blown clean.
  • Spring Cleanup – Any leftover leaves and sticks are removed and the lawn is given an initial cut.
  • Bed Maintenance- Beds are edged, cleaned, weeded, and prepared for mulch.
  • Mulch.
  • Fall Cleanups – Leaf removal and mowing. Perennials and grasses are trimmed down.
  • Hedge and Shrub Pruning and Shaping  – Hedges and bushes are pruned. Typically done in the summer months after plants have gone through spring growth or finished flowering.
  • Dethatching – Helps remove any thatch that has built up and makes room for new growth and enables better seed and fertilizer contact with the soil.
  • Aeration & Overseeding – Core aeration is done in the fall after labor day. Core aeration & Overseeding is especially beneficial to an existing lawn as it helps with soil compaction which is not good for root growth. Also the overseeding helps fill in areas that have become thin or bare.
  • Lawn Renovation
  • Bed Design and Installations
  • Plantings
  • New Lawn Installations

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