As owner and proprietor of Sunny Day Yard Services, I’m personally committed to making sure your yard looks pristine. With our landscaping experience and skill, we turn your yard into exactly what you envision. Our rates are affordable and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with whatever services you choose or need. 

I am personally involved with your job 100%. Whenever you need me, I am simply a phone call away to help with all of your landscaping needs. You work with the same person beginning to end. 

Mason Turcotte

Owner & Operator

B.S. in Finance from Rhode Island College
MA & RI Applicators License
UMASS Green School Certificate

How Sunny Day Began

Since I was young, I have always had an appreciation for landscaping. My father was always in the yard, and took care of many bushes and beds. Nothing was more impressive than his rose bushes. I loved how the yard looked, and I learned to appreciate a nice landscape. I started mowing my parents’ lawn when I was young, and eventually did my aunts and my neighbors. When I turned 16 and got my license my mother suggested I try to get a few lawns around town to make a little money.

So with my small truck, pushmower, weed wacker, and leaf blower I started out. I built the little business with the help of my brother. In 2012, I offically became Sunny Day Yard Services. From reinvesting profits I was able to continue to upgrade my equipment and provide better and better service. I continued to educate myself about landscaping  so I could provide the best service to my customers. I am passionate about landscaping and my business, and it shows through my work and customer service. The reason the company is called Sunny Day Yard Services is because to me there is nothing better than landscaping on a beautiful day. I plan to continue to educate myself in the landscaping field, and to provide excellent service so you can enjoy your yard on sunny days or any day.

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